My Profile Tutorials

How do I create/edit my secondary profile
How do I change my password?
How do I change my picture or upload another one?
How do I change/edit my Brokerage information?
How can I change/edit my email address or website?
Set-up your virtual tour web site-FREE

Virtual Tour Tutorials

How do I switch my standard tour to a new deluxe tour?
How do I create a “Movie Tour” – deluxe tours only?
How do I order a virtual tour?
How do I view or edit my virtual tours?
How do I change the background music?
How do I stop the music for playing when my tour opens?
How do I show myself and another agent on my tour?
How do I show the side by side or 1 large gallery on my Deluxe tours?
How do I suspend a virtual tour?
How do I mark my tour SOLD?
How can I delete a virtual tour?
How do I update or add new images to my tour gallery?
How do I arrange my gallery images?
How do I save or download my gallery image?
How to view my Non-Branded tour link
How to view my branded tour link?
How do I re-arrange my panoramic scenes?
How do I delete a panoramic scene?
How do I edit or change tour details or information?
How do I add my open house to my deluxe tour?
How do I add room sizes to my tour?

Property Fyers & Brochures

Creating a 1 Page Flyer
Creating a 2 Page Brochure

Virtual Tour CD

How do I create the tour on a CD?
How do I print our custom CD labels for a tour?

Self Serve Virtual Tours

How To Create a Self Serve Tour!
How Do I Edit/View My Photo?
How Do I Edit/View My Brokerage Info?
How Do I Edit/View My Profile?
How Do I Create/Edit A Second Agent Profile?
Change Tour Music?
How Do I Add/Edit My Self Serve Details?
Edit or Crop My Photo?
How Do I Create A Movie Tour?
How Do I Add Voice Narration To My Movie Tour?
Change Password?
How Do I Add New Photos To My Self Serve Tour?
Set Up My Virtual Tour WebPage?
Show 2 Agents On My Tours?
Delete My Virtual Tour?
Suspend My Virtual Tour?
Sold - Mark Tour As Sold!
Open House - Add To My Tour?
Room Sizes - Add To My Tours?
CD- Burn Virtual Tour CD?
CD - Download CD Label Design?

Free Print & Email Property Brochures

How Do I Create A 1-Page Flyer?
How Do I Create A 2-Page Brochure?